Start Here

How to get started in GEOS 380:

Step 1 – Log in to the WordPress site, using your UA username and password. You can use the “Login” button on the sidebar of the site. Alternatively, go to the following link   – UAF Community Student Help – and follow the instructions.

Step 2 – Create your online profile – click on this link (Create Online Presence) and follow the instructions to set up your nickname and have it be displayed for your WordPress activities

Step 3 – Navigate to the  Welcome  page by clicking on the highlighted text link and read through the page.

Step 4 -Click on this link to the Syllabus page, which is also under this menu, and read it thoroughly. As part of the Unit 1 – Orientation, you will take a brief syllabus quiz!

Step 5 – Click on this link for the How To   page and   read through about how to interact with the WordPress site, find the course Units, create a discussion post and comment on posts. You can also find complete instructions for how to do these things on the UAF Community webpage run by eCampus: click here ( UAF Community Student Help) for those helpful instructions

Step 6 – Read the Schedule and browse through the Course Calendar to become familiar with the Units, their assigned points, and when each assignment is due.

Step 7 – Your first assignment is Unit 1 – Orientation so the next step is to complete it by January 19th at 11:59 pm AK time. From there, you can move on to Unit 2 (Plate Tectonics), and so on.

Step 8 – Each week, you will complete an Event of the Week (EOTW) assignment, by reading the instructor’s EOTW post (every Friday, starting January 26th) and commenting on the post by replying to the questions in the assignment by the following Wed.

You are welcome to work at your own pace, as long as you complete all assignments and blog posts and comments by their due dates.

Please contact me at if you have any issues or questions getting started with the course.


GEOS 380