Hazards Topics

The Hazard Topic pages contain the basics: science, monitoring and mitigation information needed for your two case studies. Use these resources (and find your own – feel free to explore beyond these pages) to complete the Week 1 and 2 assignments for your two Case Studies. You will need to connect the basic science and monitoring information contained within the Hazard Topic pages specifically to your chosen Case Study disasters.

Once you have chosen your two Case Study topics:

1. Navigate to the appropriate Hazard Topic page, and follow the steps outlined therein for each Week to learn the appropriate background material.

2. The assignments required each week for each Case Study are described in the Case Study 1 and 2 pages.

You will notice that some pages (e.g., earthquakes, volcanoes)   have more content than others (tsunamis, wildfires). This is because some topics rely on outside resources that are highly appropriate for the course. Other topics don’t have similar outside resources available so your instructor created a”virtual textbook” to provide the content. All topics include approximately the same amount of material to learn, between content included on this site, and elsewhere.


GEOS 380