Rubric 07 Society, Response, Recovery

Unit 7
Society, Response, Recovery
note that each student will be graded for their own content and how they contributed to the group so that if one student lames out on all the others, it won’t affect the individual’s grade

This MUST be completed ON TIME or you will let your group down!

Category Unsatisfactory (0-45 pts) Fair (45-60 pts) Good (60-70 pts) Excellent (70-75 pts)
Article choice Not completed
article is not relevant to topic, not useful to others
Article choice needs improvement, is of limited use to group, or is not completely scientifically sound. Good article choice. Content of article helps enhance discussion and presentation Article is interesting, of broad use to others,   insightful and is an excellent contribution to discussion and presentation
Participation in group discussion No participation Brief participation that is of limited use to other students Good participation in the discussion group Excellent participation in the group that shows willingness to contribute to others learning.
Presentation slides Rough, poorly organized, incomplete contribution. Contribution needs improvement. Not completely sound scientifically, or does not enhance presentation as a whole. Contribution is mostly clear, adequately organized and presented. Content is adequate for presentation as a whole. Excellent slides or contribution. Organization is clear, understandable. Content is detailed, enhances presentation as a whole.

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