0. Event of the Week

Dates: January 24 – April 10. There will be 10 total Event of the Week assignments, worth 10 points each.

Due Dates: The first EOTW post will be available Friday January 24th. Complete the assignment by submitting your comment on each EOTW post by the following Friday. For example, the first comment assignment is due Friday January 31st.

Estimated Time to Complete: Approximately 1 hour to read the Friday blog post, do any research necessary to complete the assignment, and submit your comments by the following Wednesday.

Learning Goals:

  1. Observe how frequently hazardous phenomena happen on Earth. You can also refer to the Pacific Disaster Center, Global Hazard Atlas.
  2. Review infamous disasters and the similarities and differences in how each progressed, and how people and communities responded.
  3. Practice completing   the short blog comment assignments each week.
  4. Foster regular interactions within the course community each week.
  5. Start planning for your case studies.

Grading Rubric for EOTW assignments can be found here:


Part 1   – Each Friday, beginning January 24, your   instructor will make a post focused on a particular disaster.

Each blog post will include the following information:

  • Description of the chosen disaster: what type of event it was (earthquake, flood, etc)
  • Where it located, when and why it happened.
  • Adverse affects to people and property
  • 1-2   questions specific to each disaster, which should be answered in your comment.

Part 2 –   Each student will do any required research and then comment on the disaster post (250 to 500 words), including the following information:

  • Do any additional background research needed to answer the questions
  • Answer the specific questions included at the end of the original post
  • Write about what you found most interesting about each EOTW and one new thing you learned from the post



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