2. Plate Tectonics

Exploring plate tectonics – the scientific basis for geological hazards. This unit will either serve as review   or an introduction to plate tectonics theory and the locations of hazardous phenomena around the globe, relative to plate boundaries creating them.

Dates:   January 14-24 – Complete resource post   and submit Google Earth project via Blackboard by 1159 PM   January 24

Estimated Time to Complete: approximately 9 hours total

  • Instruction – 2 hours for the reading assignment
  • Assignments – 7 hours total, approximately 1 to 2 for the blog post and the remainder for the Google Earth assignment

Learning Goals:

  1.  Learn about plate tectonics through reading assignment
  2. Accomplish a successful search for a new resource that will enhance your learning beyond the reading.
  3. Share your new resource with your classmates in the discussion blogs, enhancing community interactions
  4. Use the resources your classmates have found to increase your understanding
  5. Apply Google Earth to navigate and visualize plate tectonic phenomena in 3D
  6. Connect your reading-derived knowledge to the Google Earth activity. Apply your understanding of plate tectonics to how and where geologic hazards are most likely to impact people.

1) Instruction: Navigate to the Instruction page, read This Dynamic Earth, watch IRIS videos

2) Assignments: Navigate to the Assignments page, complete:

  • Resource post – find new Plate Tectonics resource online, make blog post, and comment. Due by 1159 PM January 24
  • Google Earth Plate Tectonics Project. Due by by 1159 PM   January 24

GEOS 380