Welcome to GEOS 380 Geological Hazards!

I’m happy to have you all join me for this unique online learning experience.  This course allows for student-led inquiry and research-driven learning into many aspects of natural hazards and the disasters they cause. The course consists of 9 Units that start with the basic science behind different hazards, progresses through two in depth case study modules, and ends with preparedness, societal impacts, and a capstone project where students create their own educational product to teach others about natural hazards and disasters. The multi-disciplinary course community encourages discussion and different student perspectives. You will largely drive your own learning experience through the independent research you do for each of the units.

This online course will be conducted using two platforms: WordPress and Blackboard.

Explore the WordPress Site:

  1. This WordPress blog site will serve as a virtual classroom and contains primary course resources and materials. Click the green highlighted links to explore:

2. This site also will serve as the course community through discussion boards

  • You will participate in discussion groups through blog posts.
  • You will provide and receive  comments to/from your fellow students.
  • Blog post and comment assignments will take place on the Discussion pages.
  • Instructor will participate in the Discussion assignments in order to help seed or facilitate learning.
  • Instructor WILL NOT provide critical feedback, evaluations, or grading of any kind on the WordPress site.

Explore the  Blackboard course site:  https://classes.alaska.edu/

  • Private information only you can see will be available on Blackboard:
    • Grades
    • Instructor feedback on your assignments, including on your blog posts and comments.



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GEOS 380