Welcome to GEOS 380 Geological Hazards!

This online course will be conducted using two platforms: WordPress and Blackboard.


Blog post and comment discussions will take place on this public WordPress course site. Your first assignment will require selecting an ANONYMOUS nickname or pseudonym to use for all of your WordPress blog post and comment activities. If you elect to use your real name, the instructor has the right to create a nickname for you to keep all student identities private. To comply with FERPA, only you and the instructor will know your identity. Please contact me within one week of the start of the semester if you have concerns about this so that we can make alternative arrangements for you.

Public activities will include posting blogs, providing and receiving student peer feedback on your posts and those of your peers, and making assignment content publicly available for comments by other students in this course. 

All instructor grades and feedback will be private, according to FERPA regulations. This includes grades and feedback on your discussion posts and comments. Your instructor will ensure that any comments by people not enrolled in the course will be deleted as soon as they are discovered.

Public WordPress Site:

  1. This WordPress blog site will serve as a virtual classroom and contains primary course resources and materials:
  • Syllabus
  • Course materials and resources
  • Links to resources in other online places
  • Assignments
  • Course schedule
  • Rubrics

2. This site also will serve as the course community through discussion boards

  • You will participate in discussion groups through blog posts.
  • You will provide and receive  comments to/from your fellow students.
  • Blog post and comment assignments will take place on the Discussion pages.
  • Instructor will participate in the Discussion assignments in order to help seed or facilitate learning.
  • Instructor WILL NOT provide critical feedback, evaluations, or grading of any kind on the public site.

Private Space:

  • Private information only you can see will be available on Blackboard:
    • Grades
    • Instructor feedback on your assignments, including on your blog posts and comments.

Rules for Good Behavior:

Blog posts and comments must be written in a positive, constructive way. Disrespectful, negative, discriminatory, or harshly written posts or comments will prompt intervention by the instructor and will likely result in points taken off your assignment. Use of inappropriate language (offensive, bad words, etc) or any language violating UAF rules will be dealt with by the instructor according to the UAF student code of conduct. Please review UAF’s policies for more information about proper behavior in the course setting.

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