My own preparedness (and issues!)

Hi all

This is a little late but I feel like I should at least post about my own family’s preparedness and issues. The holes I see in my family are: no great communication plan, inadequate water storage, fluctuating levels of stored food, we don’t always have spare gas for the generator, and incomplete first aid supplies.

The ways in which we are well-prepared include: generator and plug in on the circuit breaker, with a switch to cut off the generator to the line power, great defensible space (house is surrounded by a lawn), ample camping gear and supplies for cold weather, woodstove for back up heat and a healthy wood pile, plenty of light sources (headlamps, LED battery lights).

We are currently making some improvements mostly related to improving our defensible space. Our power line runs behind our house and we have a bunch of older aspen and poplar trees that routinely break and fall on the power line. This is a fire hazard and also can knock out power to a lot of houses in our neighborhood! We just marked a whole new bunch of trees for removal – just waiting for GVEA now to do their part! They are too dangerous for us to remove ourselves, but at least we are in the queue now. Still more improvements to go, first of all – communication plan is needed!