How To

Contact Instructor: Jessica F. Larsen

OFFICE LOCATION: room 344 Reichardt Building, UAF

OFFICE HOURS: by appointment, either online or in person


OFFICE PHONE: (907) 474-7992

Please make initial contact with me by email. I will respond within 24 hours to all email inquiries. If you have something you wish to discuss on the phone instead, email me first and we can arrange a time and day for a phone call. I will check email once or twice during the weekends.

I – Navigate through the course and complete all units

  1. First, navigate to the Schedule page (click on the green highlighted text).
  2. The Schedule is the place you want to go to keep track of the dates each Unit starts, what assignments you need to complete for each,  and their due dates.
  3. Second, navigate to each Unit page under the Unit menu sequentially, according to the dates given for each Unit on the  Schedule. Complete all assignments by the due dates given for each Unit.

II – How to post to the discussion page:

Watch the YouTube Video:

More instructions on making a post below:

add new post how to

Navigate to the “+ New” menu on the very top navigation bar and select “Post”. You will be given an editor window. Create a title for your post, such as “My Case Study Topic Choices” or whatever other subject matter is most appropriate for the assignment. Type your post in the editor window below. When you are done, scroll down and in the right menu bar you will be given options to check categories that will organize your blog under the appropriate hazard topic discussion group. Check “General” for blogs that are not specific to a particular hazard topic group, but should be organized under the General course blog page.

NOTE: When making posts to the class site, always be conscious of where you need the post to appear. To set the board (they’re technically called Categories) you want the post to appear on, select the appropriate Category in the selection of categories which you will find the the right, and down, from the box where you enter the content for your new post.

category post

III – How to comment on posts

Navigate to the post you wish to comment on. Under the title of the post, select the “Leave Comment” or “# Comments” button. You will be given an editor window within which you can type your comment. When you are done, click “Post Comment” and you are done!

IV – How to turn in assignments on Blackboard

Login to Blackboard, and go to “Assignments” in the left side menu. Click on Assignments (1.) and navigate to your current Assignment (2.):Bb_assignments

Click on the assignment link, and read the information about the assignment, make sure you are on the right page, and read about filename instructions (ie what you should include in your filename). Click on the link to upload assignment files from your computer (you can upload more than one!):


V – How to participate in a Google Hangout

Google Hangout is a group video chat system. We will use Google Hangouts as an augmentation to the course, like an informal lecture or discussion group.  The instructor will initiate Google Hangouts at the scheduled times through Gmail. Google hangout days and times will be announced using Blackboard announcements, sent to your email. To participate, you simply need to be logged in to your UA gmail account on the day and time when the hangout is scheduled, and look for the invitation to join the hangout. For detailed instructions, you can visit Google’s Get Started With Hangouts webpage.

VI – Technological requirements

Students must have access to a computer and the internet. Students also must ensure that their web browser and all necessary plugins for viewing animations are up to date and functional. Additional tools that will be required include:

  • Google Earth (instructions for downloading given in Unit 2) – It’s free!
  • PowerPoint, VoiceThread, ExplainEverything or similar presentation/video production application for presentations for Units 7, 8, and Unit 9. Go to the Tools/Resources page for ideas.
  • Access to a digital camera might be needed for the Unit 8 Preparedness presentation – most new smart phones are camera equipped and the majority of students probably have immediate access to photo and video capabilities. If you need help obtaining a digital camera, please let me know no later than the week before spring break so I can help you find one.

**If at anytime you have a question or do not understand how something works, contact your instructor via email!



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