1. Orientation

This first assignment is designed to help you learn how to navigate the WordPress course site, establish your course identity (pseudonym), and make your first blog post and comment.

Watch the short introduction video below:

Dates:   January 10-14   – Due Friday January 14

Estimated Time to Complete: 3 hours total

  • Instruction – 1 hour
  • Assignments – 2 hours

Learning Goals:

  1. Successfully navigate through the course WordPress website
  2. Read the Syllabus
  3. Create your course identity
  4. Post your first course blog

Assignments for Unit 1 – Orientation:

  1. Class Blog: Introduce yourself to the group!  Post to “General” under Discussions. If you are not sure how to create your post, navigate to the How To page and follow the instructions there.  In this first post of the course, write about the following:
    • Reason you took course?
    • Which type of natural hazard do you find most interesting and why?
    • Have you ever experienced a hazardous or disastrous event? Describe your experience in a short paragraph (300 to 500 words). Or, if the answer is no, describe one disaster you are particularly interested in learning about this semester.

2. Syllabus Quiz! Navigate to Canvas and log in to the GEOS 380 course site. Upload a word or text document to the Unit 1. Orientation assignment answering the two questions given below. For instructions on uploading assignments to Blackboard, navigate to the How To page:

  • What is the policy for late work in this class? Locate this information in the Syllabus and include it in your text file
  • Write down one of the course objectives from the Syllabus.


GEOS 380