SR-22- Cyber Security

An Improvement to the IS-22: Thinking Deeper on Cyber Terrorism

Many people don’t think of disasters such as flooding to be human caused, but just acts of nature that humans try to avoid. However, in this time period, with everything connected to computers, having security not just physically in person, but online, is essential to prevent human caused disasters. Infrastructure like nuclear power plants and hydroelectric dams could be damaged and disaster could strike if necessary steps aren’t taken to ensure it’s controls aren’t subject to meddling for terrorists online.

How can we stop this from occurring?  SR-22 needs to go more in depth on what an remain connected online, and what shouldn’t be controllable online. Too much can be controlled remotely now for convenience, but this all comes at a cost to security.

Although I’m sure there are protocols that aren’t discussed present for every site, I feel like if something could compromise security and lead to a disaster occurring, it has no reason being on a computer attached to the online world. It should be on a computer without internet capabilities, and restricted access to avoid disaster.

Although thankfully the United States hasn’t experienced a cyber security breach that lead to  a massive disaster, the Y2K event highlighted how important this subject is because so many systems around the US and the world rely on computers to operate, and their failure could result in unimaginable harm.


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