Assignment #4- Unit 8

a. Was it easy or difficult to find your community’s plan? Describe how long it took, or in the extreme case, that you never actually found it online.

It was relatively easy to find it. I do not live in an incorporated city. So I took a look at the web site for the Kenai Peninsula Borough. They are using a new web site, and I was not familiar with the new site. There was a quick link to the old one. There I was able to enter a search for “emergency management”. After that, I sifted through the “2-1-1” and fema links to find the info I was looking for that the borough created.

b. Describe one thing you think shows your community is well-prepared in case of a disaster.

Recently the borough had discovered that the early warning system was inaccurate and delayed. This discovery was made when a tsunami warning was given to everyone in the borough and not the desired targeted areas. Every cell phone and reverse 911 land line got a warning for a tsunami, when only a hand full of communities were intended and needed to have the warning. They have since found a new vendor for this service. Testing of the new system have proved it to be prompt, accurate and reliable. These warnings are used for earth quake, tsunami, volcano and wild land fires.

c. Describe one way you think an improvement could be made to your community’s plan.

The biggest threat historically to the area is wildfire. There is not any thing in the formal plan about this. The borough should work with the division of forestry to have “drive by’s” done and letters mailed to home owners with a grading of how fire wise their homes are. Fire wise is a program used by the DOF to help people keep their homes safe from wildfire. This non invasive means of helping specific residents would cost little, take little time and could lead to an improvement.

d. Answer the following question: Do you feel better or worse about how well your community is prepared after reading it’s plan?

I am indifferent. When the rubber meets the road, every one is responsible for them selves. They have the plan because they should. But I don’t trust in their ability to actually do more than inform me that something is happening as opposed to actually helping me mitigate the problem at my door step.

e. Read through all the other student’s posts and comment on the one that you think shows the best prepared community of all. =)

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