Unit 8, Assignment 4: Anchorage’s Emergency Plan

I grew up in Anchorage, so I chose to investigate their emergency plan. It was extremely easy to find Anchorage’s Emergency Management page (located here) – simply by googling “Anchorage emergency management”. It’s actually a great resource, with links to different disasters that are likely to occur in and around Anchorage and a printable Household Emergency Plan.

I think that one of the things that shows how well-prepared Anchorage is is the simple existence of such a well-laid out and comprehensive emergency management website. Among other things, they have a list of the most likely disasters to happen in Anchorage (1. Earthquakes, 2. Wildfire, 3. Extreme Winter Weather, in case you were wondering) and a whole Disaster Kit list for what to buy ahead of time.

I think that a big improvement to Anchorage’s emergency preparedness would be to simply publicize its existence more! I lived there for 15 years and didn’t find out about this resource until this class (when it’s a bit late to be useful!).

I feel much better about the Anchorage community’s chances in the event of a disaster after finding this website.

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