Unit 8, Assign. 4, Clatskanie OR, Preparedness

I originated from Oregon in the Columbia County area. They have a Preparedness Plan website

Finding website: Found in the first few minutes. Had various other links for different parts of being ready.

Part done well: Family Preparedness

The Website has several good links about how to be prepared for a disaster as a family.  Such steps are getting children aware and engaged about the threat. Another method was making disaster kits and preparing a house for any sort of disaster.

Part that needed improvement: Consolidate Information

Even though there is a lot of informational links on the page, I feel like they should put it all together on one page. Specially the main page.

How I feel about how prepared my past communities is:

I would think it was fine from a outsiders perspective but since I have family still in the area, I feel the site should focus on displaying key factors about preparing, surviving, recovering from a disaster. I lived in the area till I was 16 and never saw this webpage. I was taught about disasters and how to be prepared for one in school though.

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