Preparedness in my community: San Clemente, CA

I chose to do some research on the city I graduated from high school in. It is a beach city prone to tsunami and earthquake hazards in southern California. It is also susceptible to wildfires and a not so natural hazard, the San Onofre nuclear power plant.

San Clemente City website

a. Was it easy or difficult to find your community’s plan? Describe how long it took, or in the extreme case, that you never actually found it online.

The emergency plan, or I should say plans, were easy to find. It was the first thing to pop up on a google search.

b. Describe one thing you think shows your community is well-prepared in case of a disaster

The city has an alarm system set up for the case of a tsunami warning.

c. Describe one way you think an improvement could be made to your community’s plan.

It could include maps with routes to evacuate in cases of fire or nuclear meltdown and safe spots in the case of a tsunami.

d. Answer the following question: Do you feel better or worse about how well your community is prepared after reading it’s plan?

After seeing what they had to offer on their website and the recommendations they make to prepare prior to a natural disaster is very reassuring.


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