Lake County, Colorado Preparedness

A.Was it easy or difficult to find your community’s plan? Describe how long it took, or in the extreme case, that you never actually found it online.

-Since I saw a few posts from Juneau already I decided to go with Lake County, Colorado (my last home). I googled Lake County, the first link was the website. And underneath the departments menu on the homepage they have a link with Emergency Management. It was all a matter of seconds really.

B.Describe one thing you think shows your community is well-prepared in case of a disaster

-I like the different ways that they have to send out emergency notifications, and information in general. The website appears to be updated, they have a Facebook page for the emergency management department, and they have a listing you can sign up for with email or phone number to receive constant notifications.

C.Describe one way you think an improvement could be made to your community’s plan.

-The biggest problem I have with the plan, the pdf is flipped the wrong way. They printed the book on landscape, but have it posted as portrait. If you want to read it with out printing it, you are going to have one heck of a crick in your neck.

D.Answer the following question: Do you feel better or worse about how well your community is prepared after reading its plan?

-I feel about the same, the community was always very open about its practicing for emergencies, and often times invited the community to seminars to teach them what to do in different situations. They are a community that relies on each other heavily due to being a good distance from other towns and counties.

2 thoughts on “Lake County, Colorado Preparedness”

  1. It sounds like they have it pretty figured out there. What types of hazards are there in this area? I also chose one of my hometowns to speculate on, turns out they have preparations for almost every possible hazard there!

  2. I think that this sounds like a pretty well-prepared community! I especially like that they have a presence on social media as well as simply having a website with information.

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