The biggest thing that I learned was that San Diego and Tijuana are working together for resilience in handling 6.9+ magnitude earthquakes. I found this to be interesting. We do not hear much about national cooperation between the US and Mexico, especially when it comes to disasters. Mexico is not a country that I would look at as being ahead of us in earthquake detection, until reading about how Mexico has early warning systems and we do not. Just goes to show that the US is not as advanced as we think we are.

The biggest issue my community has is dealing with snow and wind storms as of recently, and of course wildfires. In 2015 we had a wind storm that took out power for dozens of residents for weeks. The storm also took out numerous trees, and actually killed some residents. One thing the community could do is take a more proactive approach to eliminating hazard trees, and developing better plans to handle power outages. When it comes to wildfires, fuel mitigation would greatly assist the area, however, it seems that funding is always an issue.

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  1. On the funding issue, I also found it hard to think of something that us as a community can do to mitigate wildfires, besides removing trees on your property. Then there is the legality of things you are able to do and some things just are not determined by the community but the local government.

    1. The big thing the community can do is push legislation. After carlton in 14, residents were so upset that the State made huge changes. But your right. It is hard for wildfire mitigation on the community level unless you live in a rural area.

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