A note about the disaster games – they are not supposed to be easy

Just a little background and info about the disaster games in general – they are not supposed to be necessarily easy to “win”. There is not a simple progression of tasks involved to get to zero loss of life or zero building damage or costs. This is why I want you all to try playing your game at least a couple of times so you can see if you learn the types of strategies needed to mitigate the losses. This makes them more like real life, which is kind of the point. While playing one of the games, you might be faced with making quick decisions based on several different lines of data you are not immediately familiar with. In real life when working with monitoring, forecasting, and risk assessments – you might be encountering similar things. You might have to deal with quickly changing data that is informing you about how the event is evolving, and how much impacts there are – and make decisions based on limited or even faulty data.

In the end, you might feel a little frustrated with the games, but they are designed to be challenging. Although they are not perfect and they can be a little buggy, it is the best thing out there to give you all at least a little experience about the unpredictable and constantly changing realm of forecasting and mitigation while a model disaster is unfolding.

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